New Registrations.

  • admin

    If you choose to register for the forums, you'll not be getting an Email telling you you've been approved. I had to turn that off as it was leaking my IP address and leading to DDoS attacks.

    As I said I or another admin will approve them as quickly as possible, but we have in IRL lives, so there are sometimes delays. After submitting the registration, just try logging in from time to time - like each hour. If for some reason I have a question about your registration, I'll email you. Please don't submit multiple requests.

    If you have any questions or concerns, email me at [email protected] or [email protected]


    Edit Additionally I've added a "Message Haitch" category here that's open to guest and registered members - It's a dropoff category, anyone can see the topic messages, but only I can read. If it's a one time message feel free to use it, but consider what you put in the topic as it will be visible to others, but the body won't. For dialogues PM/DM me or use email.


  • @haitch I just used my twitter account to get on to the account. Peace. Twin Judge.