Hi, also need 1 burst coin.

  • I just finished downloading the block chain, about to set off on my first mine.
    Here is my account: BURST-Z75U-P7WH-APBM-ABA5P

    I have about 20TB was thinking about going into solo mine, any advice is welcome.

  • @coindrifter said in Hi, also need 1 burst coin.:


    Sent you a couple, but you might find solo mining a bit tough with 20TB - I think closer to 100TB is the figure being recommended with the current network difficulty.

  • @tinycoins Thank you, man I am having some issues.
    I started by using the built in miner on Qbundle, but it would run then crash. So I downloaded miner-v1.170820_AVX and did my best to setup the config file, pretty sure I did it right but now I am getting ---Fast block or corrupted file ? ---

    Not sure what to do now, everything I read online says it could be corupted plot, but I legit just spent 4 days plotting with the Xplotter and I did see it working. Now when I run the qbundle miner it just opens for a split second and then closes.

    Anyone have any ideas.

  • Sorry, I don't have any experience with QBundle - I plot in Windows with Xplotter, but I'm doing my mining in Ubuntu.

  • @tinycoins It's alright, that is a good idea, I might have to look into installing Ubuntu on this machine, have a spare ssd laying around too.