Increase plotting speed and Mining Efficiency

  • Hello everyone;

    I have just started to Burst Mining,

    As my research for plotting, it directly affects mining efficiency

    Here is the couple of questions

    1- Everybody says that GPU plotter faster than CPU plotting, ok , but you have to optimize plot file for GPU plotting. Can somebody give me data like same PC you made GPU plotting + optimization for 1 TB is 5 hours and CPU plotting 6 hours???

    2-What is the stagger size and how can I adjust it? and How can I decide best value? Why?

    3- I started GPU plotter with speed of 11000 nonce/min but 10 hours later it slow down to 4000 nonce/min, why?

    4- Should I make one 8 tb plot file ore 8 pieces of 1 TB? How does it affect mining efficiency? Why?

    If somebody explain in technical, please send burst account for tip 🙂

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    Personally, I started with GPU plotter, but after getting a number of bad plots, I switched to xplotter and have never looked back.

    1. Using a TR 1950X I get 40K nonce/min.
    2. Stagger size is how many scoops from nonces are recorded consecutively. In xplotter and GPU Plotter in Direct mode stagger = number of nonces. For GPU plotting stagger also controls amount of memory using, where each increase in stagger = 256KB of additional memory.
    3. If they're Seagate SMR drives (Backup / Archive) you're running into the problem that is direct plotting SMR - they're very slow to do random writes. Ideally plot to a "regular" drive, then copy to an SMR
    4. An optimized single 8TB plot is the fastest possible, but you won't see a noticable difference with 8 x 1TB.

  • @haitch said in Increase plotting speed and Mining Efficiency:

    TR 1950X

    Thank You very much,

    So I agree with you and I will start from the beginning with xPlotter CPU plotting inside Qbundle,

    Should I change some parameter or directly start?

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    @gezseneco Just start - QBundle will configure the plotter for you automatically.

  • @haitch hi do you have any pool suggestion personally? for 40 TB