Show me the Money !!! sorry... the Burst Coin !!!

  • Hi everyone, trying to figure out how to mine some burst. I think first I need to receive a Burst to activate my wallet.
    If some one can help this is my wallet:


    I have a RX580 with which I mine ETH using Claymore Miner, I'am trying to run QBundle in this PC to mine Burst taking advantage of some free TB I have, but as soon as I run QBundle the MHs of my Claymore miner goes immediately to 0 and continues like this until I close the QBundle porgram. Is there any known incompatibility between Claymore Miner and QBundle ? Can Burst be mined concurrently with ETH ?

    Thank you

  • @xpeed That is because you are trying to sync the blockchain with GPU acelleration (Quicksync feature), to pool mine you don't need a synced wallet so you can always go to qBundle and in the File menu, choose Launcher mode instead of wallet mode, then to login to your account choose one of the online wallets in the using wallet field... If you want to solomine you will need a local wallet running but eitherway it will only stop your ETH rig during the sync process wich can take several hours... You can also import db from repository and will speed things up 😉