No payment after over a weeks mining.. HELP!

  • Hey.

    What am i doing wrong, ive been mining for a week and more. but havent got any payouts.
    my adress is BURST-JAJV-L8NY-TE9G-93X4K

    Can someone help me?

  • @stsk87-0 , if your solo mining, did you hit any blocks? If you're pool mining, what is the pool's policy for payouts? Some pools wait a week or more if you don't reach a minimum deferred payout. You need to supply more info, before you get a reasonable response to your question.

  • im pool mining with
    im a noob.
    i thought they had weekly payouts.
    i see the miner works, but havnt receved anything..

  • @stsk87-0 , on that pool you only show .02 Burst deferred payout. The payment would require 1 Burst to send so that's why you didn't get a payout even though they payout once a week.

    Also. it ooks like they drop shares after 15 rounds. If I were you, I would switch to @haitch 0-100 pool. They have a lon DL limit for small miners and a long time before payments so you will be able to aquire more than 1 Burst to get a payout. But, you need more HDD space.