Pool informations and earnings

  • Hello everyone;

    I have couple of question about pools

    1- I'm just wondering what does mentioned D and P abritgment mean?

    2- Also what is the reward? does it earned total BURST?
    0_1517125424071_Ekran Alıntısı.JPG

    3- Red mentioned miner has smaller plot file but they earn more than higher plot files, how is it possible?
    0_1517125495484_Ekran Alıntısı2.JPG

    4- how do I know how much Burst left for minumum earning?

    5- If computer shot down, all earning from pool lost or when you start, will it contunie?

    Thanks for your help

  • @gezseneco ,

    1. D=deferred, P=paid
    2. Reward= what you will be paid if the pool forges a block.
    3. Randomness and possible multiple machines.
    4. ???
    5. Continue