Compulsive bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin etc users helping out

  • I've been thinking about how great this community is. I think one of the main reasons this community is so helpful is because the creaters/staff/admin are all here and patient and answering questions.


    I thought, maybe, that there is something we can do to help them

    Could we perhaps put together a list of faucets page, where each faucet is in fact a referral faucet and the commission from those referrals can point back to an admin addy?

    We can always point newbies to bitcoin faucet in the direction of that page, which we as a community could keep a track of the right faucets that actually DO work and payout.

    If that idea is a bust, how do you as faucet users feel about grabbing a new faucet on your list of faucets that has an admin addy attached so that when we go on our clicking frenzy, one of those clicks is for the admin addy?

    Again, if that one is a bust, how about the admin top up the BURST faucet with ads. Us faucet junkies wouldn't mind that at all I don't think.

    I don't know. I just want to come up with ideas that generate income so the admin/staff can keep doing the wonderful things they are doing without the constant worry of overheads. I dunno if we would generate much income with the above ideas, but it would be at least something tangible we could do to put back into this great community.

    Can you guys/gals think of any other revenue income streams we can point towards admin/operating costs?

    Or, am I enjoying my glass of wine too much and aren't thinking clearly?

    Any thoughts, comments and ideas welcome.

    well, I probably won't respond for a few hours because I do need sleep

  • We could do all simultaneously. Faucets referring to an admin wallet, wouldn't mind. Ads on the BURST faucet, would be happy to click them.
    The point is, indeed, to get something back into the hands of the admins, who pay actual costs arising from maintaining the network.
    What do the admins say about this?

  • admin

    @Leece @jonekk Even if it may seam so, but there is no organisation hierarchy within burst-team, the burst-team are just burst enthusiasts working together, to make burst a success. So everyone helping and earning respect within community will be a part of the burst-team. Every support in whatever way is surely welcome.

  • @luxe

    I didn't know that.

    So who spends coin to host the forum for example? Obviously there are overheads. How can we members who are not tech heads assist with overhead costs?

    I'm on a very limited income. The only thing I have to be able to give is time. Given that I have time, i am very able to use bitcoin faucets to generate a fraction of an income for the team.

    So, is there any way people who want to help, help?

  • admin

    Time is most wealthy thing you can offer. Learn about burst and teach others (directly or writing guides) is a big help, starting to promote and spread the word about burst etc. is also a thing, you do not need to be a tech head for.

    @haitch offered free hosting for all burst related projects, so thats why a lot of burst websites are within the domain. (not sure if this offer still exists)

  • @luxe

    Ahh, thanks for that explanation.

    Currently, the vids are assuming an underlying knowledge of mining/plotting etc. I have been considering doing some for the complete novice.

    I have in the past taught in various levels of education, so I think I could put together something. I'll play a bit and see what I can come up with once I myself have a better understanding of everything.

  • admin

    @luxe It does - anyone has a burst related project, I'll host it. If you make it a * site, I can also provide a widcard certificate and full DNS.

  • @haitch


    (laughing* tho, trust me, you don't want me to build a page. I only know html. Yep. That's old school and very basic.

    But seeing as you are doing the hosting, I am assuming there are costs involved. Are you interested in others using faucets with a bitcoin addy you own? I know it might take a while but if enough people do it, it might help out a little bit.

  • admin

    @Leece No need for the faucet. We run ad's on this forum and the sites, they pay 50% of my hosting, and I'm happy to cover the rest with other crypto mining activities.

  • @haitch

    Ok, if that's what you're comfortable with.

    Just was hoping to help out is all.

    I'll do my best to help out in other ways.

    It's all good.


  • admin

    @Leece I'm comfortable with it 🙂

    Use the faucets to fund yourself, buy more burst. The more burst that get bought, pushes prices up, and all purchases help, small or large.