Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello every one, i'm new here. Heard about this means of making cash"burst" and i'm interested in knowing more about it .

  • Hiya -
    I'm a Newbe too.
    Just watched this video where 'crowetic' says at 1:46 "Burst will smash the market" -
    Don't exactly know why, but here's hopen'

  • Welcome!, Me too just signed up y'day

  • Hi everyone. I've only been here a week, so I'm new myself.

    I can tell you that the admin/staff and forum users are extremely helpful. If you have a question, they'll reply as soon as they're able.

    I asked a LOT of questions when I was setting up, and everyone was so patient and helpful.

    So, if you have questions, fire away.

    Good luck to all of you with your mining and gathering of BURST.


  • Hi! Welcome

  • Welcome everyone 🙂

  • Welcome to BURST 🙂

    We firmly believe it is the currency of the future. It has more than any other coin, yes, including ETH.

    We were the FIRST coin to have smart contracts in the wold.

    FIRST coin to mine on HDD space.

    FIRST coin to do a cross chain transfer.

    FIRST coin to have a fully decentralized, provably fair lottery on the chain. (Which we will be starting back up again, with also a new lottery type Smart Contract game soon)