Hello everyone

  • Hi folks, just wanted to introduce myself. Names Matt, I am new to the crypto currency world and so far find it to be a blast...except when its not but ya know. I hear burst has a really good community and I hope I can be part of that contributing community.

  • admin

    @nuclearwhiskey welcome to the community, if you need help getting setup feel free to ask, many helpful members here.

  • @haitch Funny you should ask. So a lot of the language used with computers is somewhat lost on me (I come from a horticultural background). I am having trouble getting mining and I am sure it is because I have missed something. I tried following the "burstcoin in 11 minutes" and I still can't get it. So if there is a dumbed down version someone could walk me through, that would be awesome.
    I have the wallet setup, I am just guessing I did it right. I plotted 929 gig and then...nothing, I am stuck. If I could get someone to help e out I would love to pick up a few seabreeze drives and invest in the system so to speak.