Miner running but low yields?

  • I managed to get my miner set up and running. I found it on the pool. After 5 days I have earned 10 burst with 21Tb. This seems very low. On the mining software I see that I am only finding deadlines for about 25% of the blocks. The mining pool shows my worker with 21 TB so I know the capacity is there. When I installed the drives and plotted I plotted the m as a single volume, was that my error? Any idea what else I may have done wrong? Bad Luck? Burst is a new animal to me so I am not very knowledgeable at this point. Any tips would be appreciated

  • Which pool are you mining on? and how long does it take to scan all plotted drives?

  • Im on pool.burstcoin.space. It took about 7days to plot the drives. I monitored it and it calculated the nonces then wrote the scoops. Appeared normal. Thanks for replying. I did write the drives as a single volume. should I have done each drive individually?

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    i would suggest switching to a different pool, as that pool only accepts deadlines up to 30 days(there are pools that accept much longer). The way you plotted should be fine.

    Also on that type of pool you will not see much in the way of rewards until you forge a block. You may wish to try a 0-100 pool.

    0-100.burst-team.us:8080 is a pretty good choice. It will provide a much more constant amount burst.

  • @jaxblack

    Thank you for your suggestion, I will give that a try.

  • Bloody hell, @Jaxblack got there before me, but I've been trying to post this for 20 minutes so here it comes anyway.

    Looks like pool.burstcoin.space gives 60% of the block payment to the winner of the block, and 40% is shared out between the miners based on historic performance.

    This gives block winners a bonus, but if you're not likely to win a lot of blocks, you might find payouts to be disappointing.

    I prefer to mine on 0/100 pools, where the actual block winner gets nothing, but everyone who's trying their damn best gets compensated based on historical work.

    There are 2 I know of: http://0-100.burst-team.us:8080 and https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org

    I'm on the latter; at the moment I've got 44TB and I'm getting around 100 burst a day - obviously you've got to commit to the pool for a while to build up your average percentage before the payouts get to that level.

    You need to decide what sort of miner you are. Do you want a massive jolt of happiness when you win a block, say once a month (if that), but tiny dribbles of disappointment the rest of the time (60/40)? Or do you want a warm blanket of comfort for most of your mining life, punctuated with bitter pangs of regret and self-loathing when you do win a block and you're not fully rewarded for it (0/100)?

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    Set it up on Crytoguru I'll see how it goes . Thanks to all 🙂