Minimum HD Size to have less than Deadline limit

  • Hi guys, i just wonder how much size HD i need to use for mining to get less deadline than 3 month (since i want to mining at pool with deadline limit 3 month)??

    Thank you guys

  • up up, do i post in wrong subforum?? can someone answer pls, thanks

  • that is not how it works. 1tb doesn't give you deadline 3 and 2TB give you deadline 2.
    When the network asks for a deadline it searches every hear drive for the best equation. your plot might have 1 equation that is under 3 months so it will report it. if it finds an equation with 4 month deadline it wont report it.
    So the more TB the more chance at having a deadline and more chance for one of them to be under 3 months.
    It like a lotory, the more hard drive the more equation the more chance to have a deadline under 3 months.
    Or the more hard drives the better chance at having the best deadline to win it.