Problems trying to plot an external hard drive.

  • I've got a 1tB external hard drive I'm wanting to plot.

    According to 'My PC' I have virtually the whole drive empty.

    Yet, when I try to plot that drive, the plotter seems to think there is less than one gig of free space.

    I have ejected the hard drive and tried again. No luck.

    Have restarted wallet, and tried again. No luck.

    Have ejected the hard drive, then restarted the wallet and tried again. No luck.


  • @Leece

    Oh, and while I'm asking for help, I have another question.

    I'm considering purchasing another larger external hard drive.

    What is better, an external hdd that is plug and play, or an external hard drive that has it's own power source?

    Thanks in advance

  • admin

    HDD manufactors count the bytes decimal, and not binary like e.g. windows,
    so a 1TB (decimal) drive does not have 1TiB (binary) of space.
    alt text

    About you 2nd question ... all USB3 drives are 'plug&play' whatever, USB3 can not provide enough power for 3,5" drives, so they need a extra power supply. But it is enough for most 2,5" drives, but they are more expensive per TB.

  • ok, so if I plot the external HDD with the burst software, and the burst software says it's less than a gig to plot, is it plotting the entire empty space on my hard drive?

    sorry, technical stuff is beyond me.

    Thanks for replying so fast though!

    And thanks for the answer re external hard drives with and without a power source. Was just curious is all.

  • I think I figured it out, yet when I try to plot, I get this error message from the plot software

    'wplotgenerator.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.


  • admin

    From my point of view, the win client is currently good to get started, but if you want a more complex setup, you should learn how to plot your drives yourself with plotting software. (Sry can not help with that specific problem)

    I suggest you start here:

  • @luxe

    Thank you. I'll watch that vid very shortly.

  • @Leece ~for better understanding of plotting i think you should learn how to plot by using wplotgenerator through command line... That will give you some understanding about, stagger, plot, nounce... This could be very confusing in the beggining but should give you a full understanding of this terms...