Advice on how to improve Deadlines

  • Hello, thank you for reading into my post, your suggestions and advice are welcomed!.

    Like everyone here I'm looking for advice about how to improve deadlines.

    I been mining for some time now, so far the best advice to improve deadlines is to increase your plot size, so I started and invested into a 64TB plot and then, documented my results and then augmented my plot to 140TB expecting my ROI to improve....

    As I switched to another pool with 30 day minimum deadlines, I found out other people with half the size my plot size were submitting incredibly short and fast deadlines like less than 24 hours consistently and deadlines of less than 8 hours very frequently, so what's going on???

    So while my plot size is 140TB and my deadlines are between 10 days to sometimes when lucky under 24 hours, other miners on the same pool are consistently submitting deadlines under 8 hours with 64TB or smaller plot sizes!!!

    My plot size is at the moment 140TB, I use half on my plot on dedicated internal SATA3 mapping 1 x 8TB SATA3 drive to 1 dedicated SATA port, and the other half of the plot on external dedicated USB3 ports mapping 1 x 8TB drive to 1 dedicated USB3 port.

    I'm GPU mining with jMiner, CPU, GPU and Memory are not saturated, and yes my plots are optimized and not overlapping, jminer goes completely over the 140TB in about 25 second, here is a capture for reference.

    Before I start investing into additional equipment, and optimizing I would like to understand more why miners with smaller plot sizes are submitting to the pool with better deadlines.

    START block '455443', scoopNumber '3483', capacity '140017 GB'
    targetDeadline '2592000', baseTarget '79991', genSig '5fe847..'
    dl '167177368' > '2592000' skipped
    1% done (1TB 0GB), avg.'58 MB/s'
    dl '112714015' > '2592000' skipped
    dl '27271789' > '2592000' skipped
    dl '3481465' > '2592000' skipped
    dl '527733' send (pool) [nonce '248235091']
    26% done (36TB 4GB), avg.'951 MB/s', eff.'1692 MB/s'
    dl '527733' confirmed! [ 6d 2h 35m 33s ]
    dl '508312' send (pool) [nonce '523133176']
    dl '508312' confirmed! [ 5d 21h 11m 52s ]
    51% done (71TB 8GB), avg.'1276 MB/s', eff.'1968 MB/s'
    76% done (106TB 12GB), avg.'1407 MB/s', eff.'1775 MB/s'
    100% done (140TB 17GB), avg.'1347 MB/s', eff.'1190 MB/s'
    FINISH block '455443', best deadline '508312', round time '25s 370ms'

    I mean look at the size of these miners, some of them are not even using plot sizes of over 40TB! what's their secret?

    阔尔吉UP 35.5TB 6.189% 28.10 309U + 8266
    Gallon.He.China 59.0TB 4.679% 21.24 113D + 36449
    ----★-★-★BOOTY BURSTER-★-★-★---- 63.2TB 4.520% 20.52 35D + 1916
    Flying Sky 152.6TB 4.055% 18.41 121D + 4068
    LamHDD6T_0971108558 81.8TB 3.462% 15.72 227D + 208304
    欧阳.China 40.8TB 3.284% 14.91 174D + 248950
    DC29-L5H4-QK9W-EMTLH 41.5TB 2.328% 10.57 156D + 0
    Thread 50.4TB 2.216% 10.06 36D + 15150
    Monster Miner 25.7TB 2.068% 9.39 84D + 27767
    haozhu 43.5TB 1.938% 8.80 180D + 6246
    drjeanjean wallet 11.2TB 1.915% 8.69 7D + 6385
    WITT-BURST 37.8TB 1.863% 8.46 36D + 1863

  • They use multiple PCs and the pool will display the HDD size of only one PC (proxy option is enable).
    Тhe secret was revealed 😉