New pools - - ** BRASIL - Burst Pool V2 **

  • Due to the explosion in the number of miners in Burst, we created a pool, built especially for small mines, seeing that the large pools give no chance to the minority and those who want to start mining. We appreciate if you can migrate between pools to try to balance them. Much capacity in one / two pools causes problems for the coins, and the miners - ie, forks occur and the pools end up looking for different targets. By distributing mining capabilities across multiple pools, this problem is avoided.

    Note that the pool is new, and there may be some startup problems - but no miner will miss any blast - personally, I will pay anyone affected by a problem.

    For mine at, set your reward task to: BURST-DME2-ZMCW-GUXZ-GJ89H and point your miner to

    We are all welcome to our pool and we can grow more and more with the BURSTCOIN family.