Best miner for Linux

  • Hi guys can someone give advise or opinion for me, what the best cpu miner for linux atm ??

    i just read creepminer, and already install mariadb but seems maria db is too complicated too setup, wonder if creepminer is more good??

    Thats all, Thank you guys,

  • Creepminer is really good in my experience - I haven't used any other miners on Linux but it seems to do the job for me! You just need to get the 'intensity' and 'maxPlotReaders' parameters right to optimise your read times - they should add up to the number of available threads on your CPU.

  • @tinycoins Hi can you help me ??

    when try to install creep miner i got error "sh: 0: can't open ./"

    im using this methode to install

    Or should i open new thread?? since this have different topic? thank you

  • Hi,

    I installed it on ubuntu - I think the latest version needs Conan installed. I followed the instructions in the readme file here:

    (The method for building it does tend to change with every release, and I'm not convinced that wiki page is fully up to date.)

    Befire the install-poco script worked for me, I had to install the following (using apt-get install on ubuntu - I don't know about Debian I'm afraid):

    make, gcc, openssl, g++, cmake, libssl-dev

  • Actually, looking back through my bash history, I didn't run for this version.

    I did the following:

    apt-get install python
    apt-get install python-pip
    pip install conan
    pip install --upgrade pip
    conan install . --build=missing -s compiler.libcxx=libstdc++11
    cmake -DNO_GPU=ON

    Some of that may be irrelevant or need changing for your operating system though.