Q on solo mining? one large plot vs multiple

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    I have a question around optimal Solo mining:
    Does it make any difference in the probability of finding blocks daily, if I have one 200TB miner with one wallet vs. having four 50 TB miners mining in parallel to different wallets?

    I'd like to go with 50TBs miners if it has no disadvantage when solo mining.

  • @trafficache there is no difference.

    You have 4 times the wallet-traffic, though.
    For the same traffic volume, one fully connected wallet ( with incoming connections allowed, and 80+ concurrent conn. configured) is "better" than 4 client-only wallets (no incoming connections, 20 standard outgoing connections).
    But this will not (should not) affect your mining earnings/probability.

    Look at the following config options when mining from several computers to a single wallet, in this example allow the hosts with IP addresses x.[4-6];
    nxt.allowedBotHosts=; localhost;;;;

    And running a fully connected node affects these;

    If you are behind a NAT Router, enable forwarding of port 8123 to the local IP address of the wallet machine.

  • Thanks you, Vaxman. I appreciate this.