Greetings, fellow-Burstonians!

  • Heya! Completely new here, but still amazed how I managed to miss this coin for so long.. I've had a couple of GPU-mining rigs before - but sold them all already, since that made more than the actual mining 😉

    However, since the GPU-prices are through the roof, looking to get into something new, therefore... drumrolling... getting into Burstcoin! Got a spare server-rack setup with a passive mobo/proc-set and a couple of TB's are plotting in my main rig.. Liking the idea a lot, let's hope we can get this coin even further off the ground!

    Ofcourse, this post wouldn't be complete without the returning; "I could really use a coin to get my mining-set to work", so here it is! I could really use a coin to get my mining-set working, would be very much appreciated at BURST-2V37-7ZXD-V2BG-6UGQ9. Ofcourse, as soon as I have everything going, I will repay the favor to you or, if you will appreciate it, to other starters.. In the end, we need this community to grow, don't we? 🙂

    Have a nice day, thanks for reading and for now; mine away!


  • @flowius Did you get your coin? I just used a faucet instead.