My HDD is not mining, please help me out

  • Hello, please, I click on write plot and this was the response I got for over one hour

    0_1469909718849_report.png Please help me ont. Thanks

  • it seems that you have chosen that only one core is plotting ... that means if you put on more cores it will speed up ...a little text while setting this up says " 500GB will take aprox. 12 hours on average machines" so if you set your possible cores full up it would be faster but you cant do much with your pc in this time. i made it over night for 600 GB.

    if you abort the plotting i suggest formating your HDD again.

    I´m german and not sure XD if something is wrong i said pls correct me !!!

  • admin

    Formatting is not necessary.

    Plots can be found in X:\Burst\plots