cant acces my wallet on desktop app qbundle

  • About 14 months ago i stopped mining burstcoin due to laziness. I gathered up to 2500 burstcoin. I have my passphare saved. Today i decided pick up where i left off 14 months ago. I download burstwallet(Qbundle) again because i have a new computer. I login in with my passphrase but i don't arrive at my account( this is how it looks. I was scared i lost all of my coins but when i login via the web app i can access my account i used over a year ago. but i cant figure out how to start mining via the webapp. How can i access my account via the desktop app? or start mining via the webapp?

  • @robel you have two options or wait for the DB to finish or download a miner and configure it manually.
    To mine you do not need to have any wallet open

  • @robel said in cant acces my wallet on desktop app qbundle:

    man, read what is on screen : "downloading blockchain".
    When the year-old block with your last transaction/blockforge comes around you'll see your balance. But you'll have to wait for a complete download to actually mine solo.

    The Diff has increased twenty-fold during the last 12 months.
    Depending on your plotted volume, a 0-100 pool might be of interest, but you need to set the reward recipient for that (again, complete chain needed - or use an online wallet).