NAS mining

  • Got my hands recently on some cheap NAS ( Icy Box, Zyxcel etc.) and a bunch of TB including some WD 3TB red (good, I know for 10 bucks/TB).

    So, how can I use them for mining? NASes have USB 2.0, not good I know, some USB 3.0, but all of them LAN and eSata (never used that.

    Any hints how to configure those boxes for efficient mining and how to connect them in best way much apprec.

    Ideal connection via LAN/CAT 5/6 but dont know if its possible. Set up the NASes as JBOD or not, no clue if this would work and make sense.

    Any help aprec... thx.

  • admin

    @marc If the boxes have a 1Gb network link, and support Samba/SMB for file sharing, they just appear as network shares you can map to and plot/mine.

    The eSata ones it's going to vary - some have a built in expander, and one eSata cable from the PC to the box and it'll show up as local drives; other require the addition ov PCIe card expander in the PC.

    Don't do RAID if possible, just plain JBOD.

  • @haitch thx.

    Ill give it a go. Aware that JBOD is the best option, as Raid (0)/1 etc. gives you data security but halfing the capacity (or 1/4 etc. depending on raid level) and thats what we dont want/need here. Running like 6-7 Qnaps myself so know a bit.., but not all.

    Think I will start with settin up on of the Zyx and copying existing plots there just to try out as they are "true" NAS in opposite of the icy boxes which I have already running 2 of them fine and theyre just "dumb " USB boxes/extenders compared to a true NAS.

    Like to keep it as simple as possible, prob. will report how it went next week, maybe set them up over the weekend so others can use info.