burst is dead?

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    I understand your opinions, but Burst is not profitable. at least not at this price, generates more a gpu than a hard drive and are in the same price range

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    @ajqjjj Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but if I thought Burst was dead I wouldn't have just ordered 15 more drives ....

  • I mean HDD is always profitable as long as you are making what 0.5 - 1 BURST per day with a HDD~ bc power reasons.

    Otherwise if you consider ROI time, then yeah GPU is better, but more power hungry,

  • one hdd 4tb=100$ 4tb*30days= 4.35$ ??????????

  • I Think there are some points which are relevant

    • do you Pay electricity? how much?
    • do you have drives which are already payed Off?
    • do you get the drives for a dime?

    In Germany with costs of 0.31 $/kWh and 8 tb drives at 200$ for ugly SMR drives, you may overthink that Investment.

  • It is quite logical that such an undertaking depends on many factors. At me up to what that time this business brought the appreciable income if to compare with initial expenses. But now it does not make any sense anymore. Especially if we take into account the work with traditional crypto-currencies on exchanges and the subsequent withdrawal through https://hiribi.com/

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    @jeremy_cross I'm still expanding with everything paid for by Burst earnings, but I got in early, so initial earnings are paying for the expansion.

  • I know I might catch some lip on this comment, but from a trading point of view Burst is one of my main profit coins.(even with the current dip) With the low cost per coin, the smallest price movement makes me money. Then add in the coins I get from mining.. I'm a happy camper. We have a good solid community and as long as that's there, burst isn't going anywhere. Reliability is what makes a coin if you ask me. And what I mean by "Reliability" is, we know burst isn't just going to disappear overnight.

  • This would be a great time for people to deposit due to the value that would eventually take up the slack historically many bitcoin tycoons knew this and put their savings into it. Just don't use a weak passphrase. My passphrase is so complicated I cannot mine solo with it. I use a mining secondary account to mine anyhow.

  • Currently here in Hawaii the price for electricity is $0.34 per kilowatt hour. Burst as a cryptocurrency is extremely attractive for the regular population who cannot afford investing into ASIC miners. I wish the IOS BURST App was live and easy to use with BURST ATMs and Paypal options to purchase the coins. The only problem is not many know about Burst in Hawaii because of lack of advertisement and the support infrastructure for trading. The population on this one island of Oahu is over a million with over 10000 millionaires who live here. Recommend Burst team expand its efforts in Hawaii since energy costs are so high here.

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    Most of the time, mining is not profitable ... independent of the coin. If you can not afford holding the coins you mine at least two years or longer (in legit projects) you may do something wrong. Particularly as private miner, that pays 'normal' price for electricity.

    There are industry scale miners, that pay as low as $0.03 per kWh
    Watch from minute 45 ... (the deep link does not seam to work)