I need a coin "to buy a pickaxe" :)

  • Hi everyone! New "wanna-be-a-miner" here :).

    As the rest of the people in this section of the forum, I need a coin too. Already used the faucet to get 1 (so I could setup my account), but I'll need one more to join a pool. I'll be very grateful to the person who lends me one :). Of course, I'll return it as soon as possible.

    Any tips, regarding a "beginner's" pool, will be greatly appreciated! The plan is to start small (1 x 6TB external drive) and, if it's worth it, expand in time.

    My address is: BURST-6CKU-D58N-JQ8E-6D2L2

    Thank you in advance!

  • Sent 1 coin with encrypted message. Good luck.