Compile creepminer 1.7.16 for centOS

  • I'm unable to compile creepminer 1.7.16 on CentOS 7 (I'm new to linux OS and keep getting connan error and I don't know how to fix).

    As I'm unable to compile I got Creepminer 1.7.3 (compiled version for centos by author) but it's seems that in this version is a bug which makes miner to stop after 2-3 hours I think.

    I would like to ask if anyone here has compiled latest version of Creepminer for CentOS?

  • Hello!

    You might try checking out my video here:

    You'll need to change the apt-get to use yum instead. If you still hit snags I'd be interested to learn about them. I used centOS a long time ago but don't anymore hehe.

    Please let me know how it goes.