Been Burst mining for 3 days still showing 0D+0?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I started burst coin mining on Sunday (EST) on and I can see that I have been successful in obtaining coins but I am still waiting for the coins to be transferred into my burst wallet.

    I notice that I have a "0D+0" next to my burst account number.

    Can someone please let me what this means? Also is there a notification of some sort for team US pool?


  • We have not hit a block in a few days! We are due for one or a few 🙂 the 0D means you have 0 for defered payment . When we hit a block you will get you historic share reward, it will show as **D then you will receive your coins.
    Hope this helps

  • @ambro

    Thank you for the heads up Ambro 🙂

  • Hi everyone I am in the same boat I have been mining for a few days on and I haven't gotten any coins paid out was wondering if someone can help figure out what is wrong or what I have some wrong

  • @rigamortis Minimum payout is 50 Burst have you already reached that minimum ??? without more data I do not know how you expect people to help