New asset issued by

  • The Asset ID is 8392778179366895397 and you can visit BurstNations Block Explorer or to see current share status by following this link
    I have begun a website .

    My goal is to make this asset the most transparent asset ever. I have provided links to the mining accounts. I have provided links to the spreadsheets. Any other information relevant to the asset will be provided upon request (dont ask me for children's names or anything).

    There is no sharewall. The issuing burst account has put up all the shares. No one has gotten shares without purchasing them. Since the issuer has put up the shares, there is no way for the outstanding shares to get diluted by shares that only 1 person holds such as the asset creator. I wanted shares and I put everything I could into getting shares.

    A real asset. No games. Everything out in the open.

  • This post is deleted!