Is it really that bad that I overlapped 1 nonce per plot?

  • So I followed a guide I found online on how to plot, and after spending a month plotting 60TB, I saw a post on here about how to always add +1 to the next nonce. All my plots start from the last nonce on the previous plot. (e.g. first plot is 0-100, second plot is 100-200, third plot is 200-300), so if I have 30 plots, am I correct in thinking even though I am overlapped, I'm only losing about 8MB worth of plot space? I realllly don't want to go through having to re-plot for another month lol

  • As you said, it doesn't really matter a great deal if you had overlapped, but I don't think you have.

    Your first plot is (eg) starting at 0 and plotting 100, so it's actually plotting nonces 0 to 99 rather than 1 to 100. So the next one's starting point should be 100.

    I think most mining software warns you on startup if you're overlapping anyway, doesn't it?

  • @tinycoins ahhh I think you're right! That would make sense that 0-99 would equal 100 nonces. I just saw some posts on here with people saying make sure to +1, but now it makes sense that blago didn't tell me anything overlapped. Thanks Tiny 😃