Don't use Burstpool Cloud, possible scam

  • I have been mining with them for a week when I noticed that my pending total never changes even though I was getting really good hits of a day or an hour targets confirmed. I have tweeted to their twitter account a number of times for an answer but they ignore me so I left the pool.

    I now see they have paid out and I never got anything for my work also I noticed it's only paying to a few accounts. This is always the case based on past payments. These accounts don't even have huge HDD for mining yet getting a few 100 burstcoins. I am convinced this pool is a scam and only the owner is profiting. So join at your peril. Their account is BURST-DYDN-98Z8-YJMY-E2KD4 . So check them out and see if you can get an answer from them yourself.

  • @dailo70 I do not know what you mean with good results but if the block explorer is ok it is normal that you have not received any payment since apart from today the previous block I generated it 12 days ago so if you have mined only a week you can not have a reward because this is achieved when a block is found and while you have been it has not found any

  • @energy Then how come when I am with another pool I get a pending total showing so I can keep track on how much I have built up. With Burstpool Cloud there is no update and why only a few same accounts are paid? Since the id of the miner is already linked to the share of how much work they have contributed surely the payment should also go to those who has spent time mining but have left the pool. But from what I can see the owner is taking all the burst for himself and paying only to a select few accounts (which I suspect he owns).

    Anyway I have gone back to a previous pool and already I am seeing results. I just don't trust Burstpool Cloud, no communication and their twitter account does not post questions asked by members it's completely censored. So all this is ringing alarm bells for me.

  • @dailo70 this is very simple if you are in a pool that finds blocks every day has updates every day but if you are in a pool that finds a block every month will be updated once a month, the pools only pay when they find blocks and this is even with the bitcoin.
    If you are now in a pool that generates blocks every day, the pool is bigger and has more miners.

    But good if you do not believe me I do not care I have nothing to do with that pool, I did not even know it, but as I say if the data of the block explorer is correct that pool in 12 days has not generated any block

  • @energy Hi, Not accusing you of anything, just that the pool is badly run with no communication to questions from members then there's the payments to only a select accounts just leaves me with a bad taste for this pool owner. Just thought people should know before joining that pool.