CryptoMaps Token

  • In Cryptomaps we know that the most part of our ecosystem are our users. This is why we guarantee you that every SpotPoint and CryptoMaps Token you earn or buy represents a percentual part of the CryptoMaps.

    CryptoMaps Token Specification

    CryptoMaps (CMT)
    Asset Name (Ticker)

    200,000,000 CMT
    Total Supply

    2 Decimals
    200,000,000.00 CMT

    1 CMT = 1 Burst
    Token Price (1 Burst per Share)

    CryptoMaps Token Distribution

    25% of Tokens (50,000,000 CMT)
    Exchange Burst for CryptoMaps Token.

    25% of Tokens (50,000,000 CMT)
    Exchange SpotPoint for CryptoMaps Token (preallocated).

    25% of Tokens (50,000,000 CMT)
    Monthly Dividends & Withholding Taxes (preallocated).

    25% of Tokens (50,000,000 CMT)
    Team, Development & Marketing (preallocated).

    CryptoMaps Token pays out monthly dividends at 50% of ad revenue generated from the previous calendar month. Dividends are distributed to account holders with more than 20,000 CMT (0.01% share owned). Payouts are processed on the 10th of each calendar month.

    CryptoMaps Ecosystem

    Discover spots, go to events, chat with others and earn SpotPoints.

    Earn SpotPoints for spots, reviews, comments and messages in the chat room.

    CryptoMaps Token
    Exchange SpotPoint or Burstcoin for CryptoMaps Token.

    Burst Asset Exchange
    Invest in the CryptoMaps Token via Burst Asset Exchange.

    Please feel free to leave your feedback.

    Kind regards,

    Team CryptoMaps
    [email protected] | @cryptomaps |

  • Yes! Another scam asset to invest in... lol

  • @themartian said in CryptoMaps Token:

    Yes! Another scam asset to invest in... lol

    Why do you think so? Please feel free to ask questions about token or about CryptoMaps. Thank you for your feedback.

  • You are asking for way too much for a website that has what? 7 places in the listing? I can build a website like that in a few hours and come here and ask for money.

    1. I buy your theme:
    2. I buy a very cheap domain ($2.88 USD currently) and a cheap hosting
    3. Change a few colors, few details and list 7 listings and done.

    So as of now, you haven't proven at all why you are asking the community for over 4 million USD.

    I saw your website yesterday when I found your asset on the exchange and was waiting to see when you will post it.

    Second, you are already trying to force people to buy a lot, saying that a minimum of 20,000 CMT (which is 20,000 burst); almost $500 USD at the current price; just to be able to earn dividends.

    And third, out of my own experience. This kind of threads appear, we invest in them and they disappear after a month or two. Yes, it's bad to generalize, but now it's up to you to prove us wrong and help destroy generalization.

    I will not be participating in this project until at least 5 months of watching your hard work on your newly created project.

    And even there, you started with the wrong foot, I will think twice and even more, before thinking on investing in this project.

  • Second, you are already trying to force people to buy a lot, saying that a minimum of 20,000 CMT (which is 20,000 burst); almost $500 USD at the current price; just to be able to earn dividends.

    Hahaha, I didn't notice that part.

    I'm in!!!

  • @themartian If you can, just go ahead. We are looking forward. Don't forget to list your project on our map when it's done! CryptoMaps Tokens are not meant to be all sold at 1 Burst. We also don't plan to sell them all. Primarily they should work as an easy-to-use asset to be used in our ecosystem for example for making user's spot more visible. Dividends should be a reward for those, who feel like supporting our project by buying more than 0.01% of CryptoMaps shares. Also we would like to ensure you that nobody is going to disappear. We admit that our website is made in a really low-cost way, but it's just our lack of resources. It works and the token, as we believe, will give us some funds for a better development. It's not easy to start a project, even an easy one. We are not happy that we scared you. But at the end you don't have to buy anything. Our goal is to make more people add their business to our map and making the website usable for more people. Token is helpful, but secondary. Hope that now everything is clear. Best regards, Team CryptoMaps