Burst Team Asset Not showing in wallet

  • Hi Burst team admin,

    I bought 2000 coins worth of burst-team-us share on 7/30/2016 15:39:19. The coins were immediately deducted from my account but no sign of asset yet. The deduction amount is also not showing in the transaction history. Only the 1 burstcoin fee is showing. Didn’t it go through? If not why my coins missing? My wallet ID is BURST-7JQ4-4XBJ-KKA2-6793H.

  • admin

    @snowbird Your Accounts shows: BURSTeam Quantity: 33.42

    Go to "Asset Exchange" -> "My Assets" in your wallet.

    Just do it again.

  • Oh! I've got it now. Thank you daWallet. Thanks for quick response.