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  • Hy everyone,
    I need a little help to start a Asset.
    All info is here.

  • @factrelu said in Asset FBasset:

    Hi, the first ting I would do is to lose the coinhive from your link. This can be seen as a little sneaky. Generating revenue from links is all well and good on a general basis, but when you are trying to position yourself as an asset issuer, it does not inspire confidence.

    If you are able to, upgrade from a free weebly site and invest in an SSL certificate. Anyone can get a free Weebly site, and put whatever they want on it. If you are able to get a "full" website and hosting, this builds a little more trust, as you are showing that you are taking a risk on your own asset by investing in it financially. Whilst this is not strictly speaking necessary, it shows commitment on your part.

    Outline how you plan to invest the funds raised, and in what proportion. You are trying to raise $1400. Give a breakdown of how you plan to use it (e.g. $1000 to purchase XXX TB of hard drives (and where from at what cost per TB), $400 to supply cables and a standalone computer for the purpose of mining)

    Invest in it yourself. Put some of your own funds on the line by starting the Asset up, and getting it running to show that you are able to make some money.

    If you are promoting on this forum, it may be worth looking at verifying your ID with @haitch, as this brings a lot more trust from members on the forum, as if you screw them over, your will get DOX'd (which is not something which is done lightly).

    Feel free to have a look at which is my Asset Vehicle.

    I am currently awaiting delivery of relevant information through the post for my ID verification