DL for miners to same wallet

  • I have 3 devices mining to the same wallet, they are different sizes 2TB, 11TB, 96TB, do I calculate to deadline for my total capacity OR the capacity of each individual device?? thanks

  • not enough info. Same wallet address? same miner app?

  • @ZapbuzZ Yes, I have three miner apps (blago, creep, jminer) running on three different machines all mining to the same wallet address and I was wondering if I could calculate the local deadline based on the capacity of each machine individually or to sum all the volumes on all of the machines collectively, I am trying to understand if the pool see them as individual systems or a single system mining to the same wallet address.

    hope this helps, thanks for the reply

  • I certainly hope that since pools report which miner you use per wallet address your rigs don't cause issues as same wallet address. Being different miners not joined together it would be wise to set individually but joined together say creeminer networking would be more efficient with only 1 setting for 3 machines and more profitable.

  • Your three machines report DLs to the pool. The lowest one for each block becomes your share of that block.

  • admin

    Using different miners is not an issue - I've done it with jMiner and Blago at the same time.

    If you're mining on the PoCC pools, estimate deadline based on your combined capacity.

  • @haitch Thank you! I am new to burst but knew someone had to understand what I was asking.