New miner. Am I doing OK?

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to share my experience with plotting and mining so far and also seeking advice and suggestions about my plots and mining setup (especially the speed). I have 8 8TB Seagate External drive (yes, SMR!).

    First plotting:
    I started to plot on windows first using gpuPlotGenerator but I faced freezes and crashes at the end of every plot which was quite frustrating.
    I also tried using Turbo Plotter but was not satisfied with the performance. I was using one of GPUs RX580 to plot my first drive which gave me a speed of ~40K nonces/minute but quickly died down to ~5K nonces/minute with occasional peaks.
    I have now started plotting my drives on Ubuntu and things are going fine so far. I am still using gpuPlotGenerator but I have a GTX1070 on this machine which I am now using for plotting. I am plotting 1TB x 8 plots per drive, unoptimised. I have plotted 2 drives so far. Third drive is under progress as shown below.


    With the shown speed above, it takes me under 32 hours to plot one drive. It is definitely faster if I had stuck to my windows environment.

    The configuration of my devices.txt is
    0 0 8192 256 8192

    I have plotted 2 drives so far which I have plugged into a windows machine for mining.

    I have around 27 GB space left on each drive which I have not decided what to do yet. Should I create plots with this space? I am not sure.

    I am using BlagoMiner on a windows machine for mining. As I said above, I have 2 drives mining for the time being. I had some issues with my Avast Antivirus which flagged the miner software as malicious but this has been sorted.

    I am pool mining on

    Speed is as shown below:
    0_1521626178009_mining speed.png

    I am not sure about the speed. Is OK? I only have an Intel Celeron G3930 2 core on this machine. Will this be OK for my 5 drives? I doubt it. Should use a GPU instead?

    Will greatly appreciate suggestions/advice/tips about my plotting and mining setup and performance so far.

    Thank you.

  • i get more for that capacity wth jminer and I use turboplotter2000 for plotting you could use turboplotter to verify your plots integrity of gpu plotter that it has made empty plots for me. Jminer is gpu assistance for your 2 core cpu is a little dated and jminer can fill the gap if you have a gpu card built at or after 2014. hope I helped 🙂

  • @zapbuzz Thanks a lot! Yes, you have indeed 🙂 I will try the things you suggested and see if i get some improvements. Any suggestions on optimising my plots down the line?

  • admin

    @man_ish For Turboplotter to be effective in plotting SMR drives, it needs and SSD to use as the buffer.

    With GPUPlotter I'm assuming you're doing it in buffered mode rather than direct? That'll plot reasonable well, but produces unoptimized plots, where as TurboPlotter uses the SSD to do the buffering and cancel out the SMR penalty.

    As for your mining - yeah, the Celeron is going to be a little wimpy, but I'd have expected better than that - how are the drives connected? USB2, USB3, SATA ?

  • @haitch Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was not using an SSD with TurboPlotter. Did not have one, unfortunately. Drives are connected thru USB3. Just adding my third drive now. I will test the performance but I know it will not be great. Will it affect my deadlines? I have no idea!

  • having a disk that's slow to plot won't affect your deadlines as generally they all read normally if SMR or not.

  • @zapbuzz I am more concerned about the mining speed. Is it ok as long as it is below 4 minutes? I have read a few posts related to it but nowhere did I find a clear-cut answer. I need perhaps to read a bit more on this part.

    I have just started mining with my third drive connected. The speed is almost the same as before, i.e., reading speed ~ 80seconds per drive.

    0_1521742402667_mining speed with 3 drives.png

  • um from what I've gathered its generally best to get the reading of the round to end up to 60 seconds but it can continue to 2 minutes. I recommend looking at your external connections:

    Inside usb connectors they can be categorised with speed
    white tongue connectors are USB 1 (the first ever created very slow not manufactured much anymore)
    black tongue connectors are usb 2 (slowish could be your issue)
    blue tongues are usb3 they are fastest and ideal for external mass storage.

  • if your on one of the cryptoguru pools I had some slowdown today strangely from usual 40 - 55 seconds to 67 - 74 seconds could be block difficulty

  • It looks like it's completing them all at the same time though, because the results are all coming in within the same 2-3 second period - so it's more like 80 seconds for all 3 drives isn't it (rather than 80 seconds per drive)?

    (I'm not familiar with this miner but that's what it looks like to me.)

  • @tinycoins Yes, I believe it is around 80s for all 3.

  • @zapbuzz They are all connected to USB3 ports..the blue ones.

    I tried to plot optimised in the beginning using 'direct' instead of 'buffer' but it failed with errors. I can't remember exactly what errors I got though. I am trying to optmise my plots now. I could not get plot optimizer from to work on linux. I tried the makefile and also compiling with gcc but I got errors which I felt would be waste of time to troubleshoot.

    I am now trying to optimise my plots on a windows machine where I can use the GUI version of the optimiser.

    btw I am on

  • I am finally using mjminer to optimise my plots.

    The more RAM you have the faster you can optimise your plots. It will write the optimised plots to the same drive though. Hence, you need to have enough free space on the drive. Once, the optimised version of is created, the orginal plot is removed.

  • @man_ish IIRC it writes the optimized plot to the current working dir, so a

    ( cd /target; merge plotfile )

    will work across disks.

  • @vaxman Thanks. I believe you are right. I will try it.