Effective capacity is not right

  • Hello,

    I'm on the ninja.burstcoin.ml pool and the website is reporting that my effective capacity is only 5.22TB, but I have 14902Gb that has been plotted and is being mined.

    What could I be doing wrong?



  • The reported effective capacity is going up over time. Each time I refresh the page it rises up a few MB's.

  • And now it's gone down. Nope don't get it.

    Any help please?

  • i think it goes up when it makes use of your plots but why it goes down? what is the connection quality reported by blago miner? you could be lagging over network perhaps due to geographical location? what is your cpu? ensuring the miner is only thing running on your pc will yield maximum benefit especially on slower networks but I found the same issue on that particular pool once so I switched to crypto guru less network hops to a pool means less latent much like gaming servers closer the better. Constantly refreshing the pool page messes with it too btw so best to leave it for a day then look at it. I mean its not gonna run away is it 🙂
    the app called turboplotter9000 can check your plots to see if they are consistent that maybe that causes your share to lower?