Hoovering up dead assets...

  • Seeing as there appear to be quite a few dead assets laying around, I am starting to place buy orders for those that are or appear to be dead (lack of info from issuer, no payouts for a while etc etc). There are a couple of reasons for doing this, and they are as follows -

    1. wallets are untidy if you have several dead assets cluttering them up
    2. shows people new to burst that something is not quite right with the asset

    The buy price is low, and the price will be set at 1burst for the entirety of the asset.

    For those wondering what will happen if the assets suddenly come back to life, any forum member can contact me and send 3 BURST to have the assets returned to them during a set period of time from confirmation of the asset coming back online (3burst covers the cost of transferring the asset back and a small fee for the service). Any non-claimed assets at the end of the set period will be placed under my asset company's umbrella and be used to grow the business. Any assets which remain dead will be held in the holding account indefinitely.

    You are under no obligation to use the buy orders placed by the company holding wallet, it is entirely optional, but thought it may be a useful and helpful service. Wallet address for the holding wallet is - BURST-G6TF-RJ46-SRCU-9LEZR. Please note this is a holding and defunct asset wallet only, and may contain live assets as well as dead ones.