Question about AVX and AVX2

  • So i found a nice deal on an LGA2011 motherboard and 8 core xeon. I saw on the burstcoin subreddit that AVX2 can have 3 HDDs per thread, does this go for AVX aswell? Since the xeon i can get is Sandy bridge, can it still go 3 drives per thread or is it better to just have 2 per thread? Since it's a 16 threaded CPU i won't have problems with that for a while, just wanna make sure if i decide to get more HDDs. Thanks in advance!

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    @necroflex Three drives per core on an AVX chip should be okay - AVX2 obviously preferable, but as it's not going to be an issue until you exceed 32 drives, I'd go with it, then re-evaluate down the road.

  • @haitch Thanks for the answer. Will ask you rather than making another topic, are there any big cases you'd recommend when i get up to like 10+ drives? The current one i have (Cooler Master Stacker 820) is big, but i doubt it can hold more than 10 w/o heating issues.

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    @necroflex I've got a couple of SuperMicro 45 drive bays, not sure of model off hand sorry, and a no-name 24 bay. The SuperMicros give great density, 45 drives in 4U - but the fans in them are obnoxious. The no name works fine. If you're looking for chassis I have a couple of 15 drive Dell MD1000's I'm selling. They're SAS1 speed, but accept SAS2 drives.

    SAS Chassis, Cables and Card

  • @haitch Thanks for the offer but i kinda doubt you'd ship it to Slovenia 😛

    • it's a bit too much for my little wallet atm, gotta start off a bit smaller.

    And yeah the noise would be an issue since i'm in an apartment and not a house sadly, so not that much room to have a loud machine in. Don't mind some sound but i know how loud servers get, especially those 30mm fans the PSUs have :S

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    @necroflex You pay shipping, I'll ship them ..... 😃

    In the SuperMicros I pulled the native fans, and have a large box fan over the open top. Drive temps are great and my sanity is not being tested by the fans .....

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