Plotting/mining and switching system after

  • So i'm waiting for a mobo/cpu combo to arrive, it'll be 2 weeks before i get it. Is it possible to get an old C2Q system and add the drives there to start plotting and mining and when my actual hardware arrives i'd transfer the HDDs over to there, other than having to fix the windows start-up cause new system, would it be an issue or could i start mining right away without needing to re-plot again?

    Also about the wallet, if i don't have it online, can it be store anywhere offline? Or do i need one of those fancy wallets that i see selling in stores?

    Thanks for the answers 🙂

  • @necroflex

    You can use your plots on any machine you are mining with as your plots are - once generated - stuck to your miners adress/wallett adress anyway.

    There is NO need no re-plot when switching machine or using another machine to mine.

    Just install the actual wallet software on your new machine, connect the (external Id guess) HDDs to Windows and youd be fine.

    And oh, if anyway possible avoid the online wallets like the plague, just use the local one.

    Ideally with an account that has never, never connected to an online wallet. (I speak from bad experience...).

  • @marc I mean i never mined in general so i don't have any wallet accounts so there's that 😛

    Any suggestions on the offline wallet? Do i need one of those wallets that you can buy in stores or can a normal USB with encription on it be enough?

  • You don't need to buy anything, just download the software (qbundle or something, I don't know, I do it through ubuntu) and allow a few days to download the blockchain. Marc just means that an online wallet is more likely to be compromised than the software running on a computer managed by yourself.

  • @tinycoins ohh...right, i really need to read up a lot more than i thought, thanks for the help!