How do i start plotting?

  • SO i'm waiting for my CPU/MOBO to arrive and while doing that i want to put the HDDs into an older machine (Q6600) so i can plot them and start mining as soon as i get the real components. My question is, which plotting software is good for CPU? (xplotter is something i hear a lot) And i'd prefer to have an offline wallet if possible.
    Also, can plotting be done without the need for that 1 burst that you need to start mining, or is that also needed?

    Thanks in advance!

  • admin

    @necroflex Xplotter or TurboPlotter for CPU plotting - I personally use Xplotter.

    You don't need the one Burst until you start mining - use it to set the reward assignment to the pool you want to use.

  • @haitch Thanks. Ye i tried TP and it didn't work on the Q6600 cause it doesn't have SSE4 which TP needs, so i changed the CPU to the E8400, which has SSE4.1, but still didn't work, not sure why.

    Gave up and will see tomorrow if i can find the Dell SFF machine that has a pentium G2020 in it, maybe i can get that to plot the drives, even if it's slow.
    It has an R7 240 4GB in it, would that plot faster than the G2020?

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    @necroflex Not used either - but would expect the GPU to be faster.