[ERROR 875638833] Account's reward recipient couldn't be determined

  • Hey Everyone,
    I am having a small issue with my BlagoMiner that I hope can be an easy one.

    After a generous member sent me 2 Burstcoins to get my account verified, I changed the name of my account, costing 1 Burst and then I updated my Reward Recipient costing me my last Burst.

    I then kicked off the BlagoMiner with the pool I wanted to use.

    Unfortunately, I am getting an error saying that my reward recipient cannot be determined.

    Please see the output from the BlagoMiner command window:

    Pool address    0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org (ip
    Updater address 0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org (ip
    Using plots:
    E:\plotfiles    files:  1        size:  930 Gb
    TOTAL: 930 Gb
    11:04:58 New block 475635, baseTarget 40452, netDiff 453010 Tb
    11:04:59 [16327929718197733266] found DL:        2188112
    11:04:59 [16327929718197733266] sent DL:         2188112    25d 07:48:32
    [ERROR 875638833] Account's reward recipient couldn't be determined
    11:05:05 Thread "E:\plotfiles" @ 7.0 sec (33.2 MB/s) CPU 10.65%

    Any thoughts on this? I tried to set my reward recipient again, but I have 0 coins to do so. 😞

    Thank you in advance!

  • @gromler said in [ERROR 875638833] Account's reward recipient couldn't be determined:

    what is your alpha burst wallet id? your numeric (16327929718197733266) does not show up as a valid account.

  • Oh weird. My ID is 16390048775587280073, so that does not match at all...

  • @gromler , check your plot file id, should match your account #.

    Once you fix (replot) to this account, you will be good to go on the POCC 0-100


  • OK, that is the problem right there... Incorrect plotfile ID. Is there a way to change it or do I have to delete the plotfile and start over?

  • @gromler , sorry redo.

  • Oh no! That is what I figured. Oh well. See you guys in 2 days! 🙂

    I appreciate the help. Thank you,

  • @gromler , you may want to see how/why you ended up with bad plots. Don't repeat your mistake. When the plotfile begins, use your file explorer to see the parameters in the newly created filename are correct, i.e. start nonce, acct id etc.

  • OK, I know how this happened. I had an account that I did not realize I had to activate, I created my initial plot based on that account. I then reinstalled as I had a firewall issue with the local wallet. I then created a new account and proceeded from there. This was a total newbie mistake. I have a decent understanding of the process now. If anyone needs help getting started, hit me up and I can help. 🙂