www.burstcoin101.com - Tutorial site aimed at absolute beginners

  • One thing we identified in our recent reddit survey about people's experience joining Burst was the need for a very simple introduction and wallet installation tutorial.

    We appreciate the www.burst-coin.org site contains some very comprehensive and technical information, however we felt users would benefit from something which "holds their hands" through the process.

    The tutorial covers wallet installation, basic plotting and mining, setting the reward recipient, and making a transaction.

    We have also made the assumptions that these will be Windows users, although we plan to branch into tutorials for other platforms. By recommended the QBundle wallet, we empower users with the tools to take their Burst journey to the next step, when they are ready.

    We plan to expand to a FAQ, and some more advanced topics as the need arises.

    I would appreciate your feedback, and any mistakes / areas of improvement.


    Any donations will be put toward future Burst-related projects.