Burstcoin partnership with benefitwith.us

  • Burstcoin need your help, please support the project!

    Hi all

    Just a reminder about the crowdfund for funding the BNFT app wallet.

    More info in the Post below.


    We only have 13 people donate out of over 6k on reddit and more users on telegram and discord. I just posted info about the crowdfund on burstforum.net. over 40 people upvoted the post on reddit!

    I think the community is starting to understand that we need to start working on partnerships and marketing. We all now see that there won't be a magical day where amazon or ebay will come to us so we need to start anywhere we can.

    Please donate to support this project. Even if you can only send 10 burstcoin. (please if you already sent money don't send more, rest of the community needs to pitch in)

    What is the big deal about sending 100 burstcoin now when its $1.5 so we can make it be $150 someday. People are hard at working to make the coin you are holding gain value and solidify a future for burstcoin. It's time for everyone to pitches in.

    Crowdfund name - BurstcoinPartnershipWithBNFT

    Crowdfund address - BURST-GVBT-NQQG-4Q8J-ANXPP

    We have about 5 days left!

    Also here is some more great news from BNFT team. Partnerships go both ways. Since we will fund the wallet with about $600 to $700 BNFT team sent the burstcoin community 1000 TMC theminingco tokens currently being sold for $0.30 each as an ICO. This will be used for the gorilla marketing team in the future when the value goes up.


    asset ID to make it easy for people to locate on the Waves DEX FWD4o3HUNKXzNtJnG75LhXYhL6anhuk8MeRHCtULnGdw

    They also know people at the waves wallet and will talk to them about adding burstcoin to waves wallet.

    Thank you

  • Finally donated. Been meaning to since your discord posts/discussion.

    If you know TMC people let them know their DNS name records are broken (@) people can go to that site at https://theminingcompany.club/