[New release v0.4] Easy plotting with burst-autoplotter - Now, with email and telegram notifications

  • Just released version v0.4 of burst-autoplotter yesterday

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    NEW VERSION 0.4: Email and Telegram Notifications

    Automates plotting for BURST coin


    • Very easy plot configuration, based on simple question dialog
      • No nonce calculation neccessary (setup based on disk space)
      • Splits large plots in smaller plot files
    • CLI-based UI with progress indicators, ETA, etc
    • Creates optimized plots (XPlotter)
    • Support for SSE, AVX, and AVX2
    • Caches relevant information, like last written nonces, and Account ID
    • Allows CPU and RAM selection (in enhanced mode)
    • Notification while plotting
      • Email notification
      • Telegram Push Notification

    Currently, the plotter works only! on Windows (as XPlotter is used internally)


    Still the v0.3 gif, but UI didn't change much in new release. Obviously, this is just a demonstration scenario - noone sh/would do a 4GiB plot and split it even into smaller files.





    From late nights test run on my slow machine.