Overlapping problem

  • can someone take a look and see why im overlapping and if its overlapping making 1 or both plot unuseful.

    also anyone know whats going on with pool.burst4all.com pool? seems like its im not getting paid even after reahing 300 coins.



    this is my plot on my F: drive

    do I need to replot and if so what do i use for starting nonce?


  • admin

    @myim1974 The first two plots are seriously overlapped.

    The first plot goes from 8,189,761 to 17,401,728 (SN + # Nonces - 1)
    The second plot goes from 9,211,969 to 22,331,608

    So both plots contain the same nonce from 9,211,969 to 17,401,729. Your third file is fine, it starts well after the end of the second file.

    To ensure plots are not overlapped:

    Starting Nonce File X+1 >= SN File X + # Nonces File 1

    So in this case, the second file needed to start at 8,189,761 + 9,211,968 (= 17,401,729 ) or higher.

  • @haitch Thank you for the reply, I thought I was fine because I added +1 after 9211968

    will delete and redo Thanks again

  • admin

    @myim1974 The format of the file name is:


    NOT account_start-nonce_stop-nonce_stagger.

    It's Account_field1_field2_field3 - so next file must be >= field1 + field2