Get some FREE BCH for doing very little (if anything)

  • So, in keeping with my love of free stuff, I found an interesting faucet website. You can claim BCH for watching youtube videos (or not watching them if you prefer), reading BTC News, reading books online or even claiming from some faucet sites.

    Currently in BETA, it only pays out to Coinbase e-mail addresses, but states that it will be adding payments to normal BCH addresses in the future, and you have to log in through your facebook account.

    At present, I am claiming about 1000 sat (BCH) every 10 minutes through 2 of the linked sites (which at the time of posting is about $0.014USD).

    Its just a case if wait for the timer to drop to zero, click the claim button and submit the captcha, and your BCH sat's are deposited into your account.

    Have fun and keep claiming 🙂

  • There was a slight issue on the backend systems of airdrips yesterday where the counter would reach ZERO, but would not change to allow you to claim. This has now been fixed, and there are now 6 pages you can earn some BCH from, with 4 of them having 5 minute claim times.

    They also have an offer wall to help boost your BCH total

    In addition to this, if you have your own webpage, you can add your site and put the widget on it to create your own faucet with minimum fuss and hassle

    Click the link in the above post, sign in with Facebook, and you are good to go