Can someone help me gpu plotting?

  • So i have 7 10 tb hardrives and an rx 580 as my gpu plotter but even tho i have read many web pages i cant get the hang of plotting it is a success how ever i cant mine because i have entered everything incorrect. That is my guess here is my buffermode plotfile:

    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer
    D://Plott/15553239259775564095_0_4000000000_1000 E://Plott/15553239259775564095_4000000000_8000000000_1000 F://Plott/15553239259775564095_8000000000_12000000000_1000 G://Plott/15553239259775564095_12000000000_16000000000_1000 H://Plott/15553239259775564095_16000000000_20000000000_1000 I://Plott/15553239259775564095_20000000000_24000000000_1000 J://Plott/15553239259775564095_24000000000_28000000000_1000

    and what would you guys suggest ? How should i plott ? Thanks in advance
    and i am happy if i hear from you guys.

    Sincerly kolapdra

  • Make sure that your next plot = (start nonce + nonce volume) + 1, otherwise it will overlapped. Example: start nonce : 12000000000 volume: 4000000000 --> Next Plot 16000000001. lovely regards

  • @kolapdra If the data is correct your plots should be more or less like this
    D://Plott/15553239259775564095_0_4000000000_1000 E://Plott/15553239259775564095_04000000001_4000000000_1000 F://Plott/15553239259775564095_08000000002_4000000000_1000 G://Plott/15553239259775564095_012000000003_4000000000_1000 H://Plott/15553239259775564095_016000000004_4000000000_1000

  • Just download burst turbo plotter 9000 and set nounces to auto.

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  • @cybermancer Thank you very much that works for me

  • @mrwho @Energy Thank you too for your answers