Need An Editor For Your YouTube Channel or other kind of platform?

  • Are you a let's player that does not want to edit?
    Are you wanting to do top 10s but don't have the skills to make it look good?
    I'm your man! These are a list of stuff I'd be willing to make:

    lets plays
    top tens
    long discussion videos with visuals (will cost a lil more)
    comedy videos
    comedy review videos

    I'll do anything unless they're bland things like compilations (unless if its from your own channel, then that's fine.)

    I'll do each video for 15 burstcoin (only about 37 cents)

    The software i use is Vegas Movie maker 14 Platinum

    I'm available most of the time.

    Hit me up if you are interested or need more information.

  • Offer will always be up.

  • Will send you a message in a few