WD & Seagate external drive for sale.

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    As you'll know I don't normally use USB drives, I prefer SAS chassis. However to help another member out I bought his externals, and am now looking to resell them. If they don't sell - shrug - I'll incorporate them into my rig.

    So these are blank, but previously mined drives. I have:

    2 x 8TB WD Mybook - USB 3.0
    2 x 8TB Seagate Expansion drive - USB 3.0
    2 x 6TB WD MyBook - USB 3.0
    1 x 4TB WD Mybook - USB 3.0

    Price is $15/TB including shipping to the contiguous 48. So:

    8TB : $120
    6TB: $90
    4TB: $60

    Buy 4+ and I'll throw in a USB 3.0 hub.

    If you want them plotted, add $15/drive. I'll need your Burst address and nonce # to start at.

    Twin Judge here. Sounds good. I have now 4 Seagate Expansion 8TB drives now, and I paid more than $120 for them. I have an open USB 3 for another 3 drives, but have only money for one, at $120.00 US dollars. I can use my VISA debit card, but need secure way to do this. Online can be trouble? Thanks. Let me know.

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    @twinjudge Currently a sale for all the drives is pending - if it falls through I'll get back to you.

  • @haitch Thanks. Twin Judge.

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    All the WD's sold - Seagates still available.

  • @haitch Twin Judge. I want one Seagate 8 TB. Please send me info on how to get one, and payment info [secure, not on open channel] se vp pley [if you please. Thanks.