I want to buy Burst in UK pounds. Paypal

  • I can understand people being dubious with me being new. I want to buy around £200 at the current market value. I will buy smaller amounts to improve members confidance in me.

  • this is what i would do.

    go to your coinbase account. buy some LTC with your debit card, then send the LTC to you c-cex account and trade it for burst

  • Hmmmm PayPal transaction fees omg! you could buy bitcoin or LTC and exchange that to burst with an online exchange like polo it cheaper fees!

  • @zac123 said in I want to buy Burst in UK pounds. Paypal:


    Did what youi said now I'm £130 out of Pocket. Bought as many Litecoin as I could for £200 from Coinbase then sent it to C-Cex. Used it to buy Burstcoin. But when I calculate the value of the burst I have it's worth £70? What happened. "Cry"

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    @arcadeandy The price of Burst has been pretty stable, so it's not a change in the value of Burst. I suspect your purchase hasn't completed totally, or you're misreading something.

  • Does this help

    2018-05-06 17:10:02 Transaction +1922.70643086 BURST -1 LTC Buy 1926.55954996 -0.2% BURST for 1 LTC (rates: 0.00051906 / 1926.55954996)

    2018-05-06 17:10:02 Transaction +958.25842372 BURST -0.4984 LTC Buy 960.17878128 -0.2% BURST for 0.4984 LTC (rates: 0.00051907 / 1926.52243435)

    2018-05-06 17:06:29 Transaction +122.32604083 BURST -0.02540901 LTC Buy 122.5711832 -0.2% BURST for 0.02540901 LTC (rates: 0.0002073 / 4823.92667631)

    2018-05-06 16:58:52 Transaction +139.80116874 BURST -0.02903886 LTC Buy 140.0813314 -0.2% BURST for 0.02903886 LTC (rates: 0.0002073 / 4823.92667631)

    2018-05-06 16:50:01 Deposit +1.55331021 LTC 1.55331021 LTC

  • @ArcadeAndy
    So, looking at the figures, you appear to have spent the total of 1.55LTC and received 3143 BURST (about $93 at time of writing), which is an abysmal exchange rate, and I see that you have gone from 0.00020703 (first 2 parts of your purchase) up to 0.00051907 (second 2 parts of your purchase) for the biggest part of your transaction.

    Your Exchange rate seems to have fluctuated between 0.00020703 LTC per BURST (which would have netted you a total of about 7400 BURST) up to 0.00051907 LTC (which would have given you a grand total of 2986 BURST). The exchange rate on LTC/BURST is very often a lot worse then the BTC/BURST rate. The amount you have received (from the information above) is correct based on the exchange rates provided. Exchanging your LTC to BTC before hand would have probably netted you around 7500 BURST (give or take a little bit, the same amount as you would have got for LTC/BURST at 0.0002073). The BTC markets usually have more people trying to BUY/SELL at any given time than the LTC markets

    Can you view the order on C-Cex and see what you placed your BUY or BUYS at for BURST (depending if you placed one order at the higher price, or if you placed several orders for what was available at the time), and this will help narrow down what has actually happened (human error, system glitch etc etc)