Qbundle wallet not starting

  • Hello,

    When I open Qbundle it says "wallet starting" and its at a white screen. It stays like that forever. When I open my wallet on other computers, it's fine.

    Thanks for your help!

  • @carnageasada80 Newbie of this forum be I
    Twin Judge here. Here are two screen shots. These were the "What to do" guide from others.
    0_1525542983338_638f422e-8022-41a7-a090-837881059ba1-image.png 0_1525543057995_41787ebf-90c4-42fe-8eb5-7d8e09a4c4be-image.png As I understand it, you tube has some nice videos about starting burst coin wallets.
    In database select what gives you the second screen shot.On the Java popup, start import of h2 files from internet. Best I can do for you to shortcut the many hours of waiting for wallet to be in sync. Good luck. Peace.