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    For anyone looking for a pool to join, I've moved my Pennywise 2 miner back to pool.burst-team.us:8080 to give it a boost:


    Hope to see some you joining in there.

    Any questions about the pool, feel free to ask.


  • Hi Haitch,
    you have massive extended your harddrives to more than 800TB. I was thinking a lot in the last time if I should invest more in harddrives. But I always came to the point that it is much better to directly invest in burstcoin instead of mining. Yes you could say you can sell them in the future. But come one I wouldn't buy used harddrives ;-). Is there anypoint I don't see why people are still investing in harddrives? Furthermore I don't really see any improvements /development in burst. It would be very nice if you could get me some of your reasons.

    Thanks Ciscler

  • @ciscler I agree with you on the fact that it is much better to buy the coin directly, unless you have a bunch of idle hard drives around that one can use. On the other part that there is no improvements/development in Burst I don't agree. You have to see all the things the PoCC is doing for the improvement of the coin. You can read the white paper they publish a time ago in the website.

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    @ciscler I see more interest in Burst - given difficulty peaking up to 500PB of capacity, I also see a lot of development going on with the PoCC. So yes, I'm still buying drives - I have 120TB being delivered tomorrow, and are in discussion for at least another 240TB.

    And if I'm wrong and the Burst economy collapses, those that have just bought Burst will basically lose everything, whereas miners will have the infrastructure to participate in the next PoC coin, and you know there are going to be more, getting in at the beginning with significant mining capacity. So, basically I see investing in hard drives as a better investment than directly buying Burst.

    And unlike GPU's, HDDs do resell well - you can provide the SMART data from the drives and show that they have had a single drive capacity write, and a lot of reads. Reading doesn't hurt the drives. A drive mined for 3 years is pretty much in the same condition it came out of the factory.

  • Thanks for your answers!

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    @ciscler You're welcome. I hope I answered you questions.