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  • Hello everyone I am Kevin from Calgary & I need some help. I just want to say that my crypto coach put me onto this project & I love It, great team & whitepaper, can't wait to see it grow !!
    I have BURST on an exchange & when I try to move to my BURST wallet on my android the exchange prompts me for a "phrase". I figured I could get from wallet but I can't seem to find it...any help would be appreciated & thanks in advance.

  • Hi @Zinethar55 ,
    Which exchange are you trying to send it from?
    Generally, the exchange would ask for your Wallet Address (BURST-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) and also a message if you wish to add one (essential for sending to some exchange and hosted wallets). Some exchange wallets also require you to confirm your password/2FA/Confirm Email before sending the coins from your Exchange Wallet.

    If your Android wallet has an option to Receive BURST, try selecting that, and see if it has a specific phrase which needs adding as a message when receiving BURST.

    Keep us informed of how you get on, or if you need any further help/advice on this (as there are people far more knowledgable than myself on the forum on the subject of wallets)



  • @bluebook
    Thank you for that bit of information @bluebook !! What I am trying to do is get them off Bittrex & into my Burstcoin wallet. When I go to perform the transfer, Bittrex asks for a phrase from the Burstcoin wallet to complete the transfer. So do I just decide what the phrase is or is it something in the wallet that I have missed..?
    Thanks again & sorry for the delayed response but had some family issues in this last couple weeks.

  • @zinethar55 , here is the withdraw screen for Bittrex. The Tag is optional if that's what you're referring to about a phrase. Otherwise when you fill this form out and do the final send, they are asking you for a secret phrase you set up with Bittrex when you opened your account.


  • Thanks again for your help !! Tonight I tried to move those coins from Bittrex & I received a different error message.0_1526519199662_Screenshot_20180516-190236.png So now once again I am stuck ? I did copy & paste the address into Bittrex maybe I should enter it manually ?
    Appreciate the feedback & help & I will keep on trying until I get it right !!

  • admin

    @zinethar55 Bittrex won't let you withdraw to an unknown account, which is what yours will be until you make an out going transaction. I've sent you a couple - join a pool and set your username, then you'll be able to withdraw.

  • Well thanx vm @haitch definitely appreciate that !! Can you explain what you mean by join a pool & do you have any suggestions for which pool ? I have recently bought a mining machine & I am using NiceHash for mining right now. I have less than 6 months of crypto experience so really green & any help is very much appreciated. So I am thinking I will be able to use this miner that I have for Burst as that logical thinking or should I be re-evaluating that line of thought ? Thank you again & I must say so far this group has been awesome to deal with, thank you, thank you !!

  • admin

    @zinethar55 Nicehash is a CPU/GPU based mining system - Burst however is HDD based, and a lot of HDD to be effective. Are you looking at mining, or just buying and holding Burst ?

    And welcome to the community 🙂

  • @haitch
    I think mining is a great way to support a coin & to keep a healthy community at least that's what I am seeing so far. If I can mine Burst wIith this mining machine that I have that would be ideal as I also run a Masternode for Zealium on this possible/worth it or am I better off just buying & hodling Burst ? Thank you for the welcome @haitch and thanks for your help/ advice !!

  • admin

    @zinethar55 I'm still buying HDD's, but mine have been paid off by getting in early - getting an ROI is getting harder and will continue to get worse without a significant increase in the value of Burst and/or BTC.

    MY thinking is that if I'm wrong, and Burst collapses, those that buy and hodl, will have lost most of their investment. By buying drives rather than Burst I can continue to mine for now, and if the coin collapses switch to a future PoC coin, or sell the drives and recoup a lot of my investment.

    I won't advise you or anyone else to do one thing over another, I'll present my thoughts and let you make up your own mind.


  • @haitch
    Thank you again for an honest opinion & your thoughts as I truly appreciate it !! Will have to give it some thought, do some more research & go from there !!
    Cheers to you @haitch and this great community !!